Niko Luoma.

Radius, 2011. C - print diasec, 170 x 140 cm. Ed. 5 + 2 AP.

Convexequation, 2010. C - print diasec, 170 x 140 cm. Ed. 5 + 2 AP.

1966V, 2010. C - print diasec, 170 x 140 cm. Ed. 5 + 2 AP.

Spira # 4, 2010. C - print diasec, 170 x 140 cm. Ed. 5 + 2 AP.


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  • August 19th, 2013

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Hey Jett, I know you're no longer with cockyboys and that they've released their reason as to why this is. WIll you ever tell your side of the story? I can only hope that you did not do what they've have said you've done.

Asked by ghostface8

I am sure the truth will come out one day, and until then I will enjoy my little life and continue being who I am. The ones who really know me either as Jett Black or as Jeppe, which to me is the exact same thing, knows I would never do anything to harm either a person or a company, and that my soul is as bright as my blond hair :)

As there was initially a threat of legal actions against me, I am not able to explain further, and don’t really feel the need to either at this point. I know who I am, what I have done and haven’t done, and I am very comfortable and happy with my decision to hold on to my self respect and moral stands. 

I look forward to keep finding new inspiration and be the best I can be.



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  • August 14th, 2013

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Summer Lovin

Hi Jetts!

Thank you for all the wonderful supportive messages and e-mails I have received the past couple of weeks. I have been taking some time off to visit my family and reconnect with friends and loved ones.

After several ups and downs since April I am back on track, stronger and more inspired than ever. I look forward to keep sharing my little life with all of you, and dive into the pool of inspiration and adventures you always bring me.

It has truly been a summer of personal development, and an eye opener on several levels. I learned the importance of sow my garden and decorate my own soul, 
instead of waiting for others to bring me flowers and never jeopardize my personal believes and morals for others demands. Art, creativity and love should not be an addiction and we shouldn’t give up our aspirations for comfort.

A real “Summer Lovin”, reminding me how important it is to respect and love yourself, and the people around you that truly want’s the best for you, and doesn’t monetize your creativity and love for real art and passion.


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  • August 14th, 2013

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Love of others follows same formula as love of self. Plurality is to be cultivated and embraced: “What is love but an understanding and rejoicing at the fact that another lives, feels and acts in a way different from and opposite to ours? If love is to bridge these antitheses through joy it may not deny or seek to abolish them” Human, All To Human by F. Nietzsche
The ideals the lover stimulated his beloved to realize are not the lover’s but the beloved’s. indeed, they are unique to the beloved. Love, in short, is a force that elicits another’s individuality.
To love is to idealize, to desire the birth of that which rest in a state of pregnancy. It marks an active participatory relationship. Love become decadent is pity. The sharing of ideals is replaced by the sharing of suffering.

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  • July 19th, 2013

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